Digital India campaign: Biggest steps towards development of the country

Nowadays, Digitalization is a trending topic in all over the world. It is one of the modern day requirements in order to create a big impression in front of the world. The process of digitalization is accompanied by using different digital media attributes like Internet, TV, Radio and social media in order to promote yourself or your business all over the world online over the internet. One can say that the advancement of digital technology has changed the way of communication in the recent years. It has also revolutionized the process of business all around the globe. Conventional marketing are nowadays becomes old fashioned whereas digital marketing is continuously updating and revolutionizing the marketing standards by reaching new heights.


Digital India Campaign

In 21st century where everything is going digital, Digital India Campaign will prove to be a major tool to be initiated. Digital India Campaign is an initiative started and headed by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in order to highlight India over the world map. The campaign has been launched on Aug 21 2014 and is anticipated by Department of Electronics & Information Technology. It is one of the biggest steps towards the development of the country. With Digital India campaign the aim is to develop India in the field of education, Information technology, industry, health, medical facility, urbanization, agriculture and other fields as well. The campaign also aims to reduce the paper work and to make government service available electronically through digital medium. The campaign is also focused to connect remote villages through internet.


Facts about Digital India Campaign

There are some facts which one should know behind the Digital India Campaign.

  1. To Develop India – Advanced India or Developed India is the dream of Mr. Narendra Modi. The campaign is the base to develop India over the world map, in front of the developed countries.
  2. Digital Education – To provide education through internet which helps to increase the level of education and people of any age group can study through it.
  3. Digital Empowered Citizen – People should be digitally empowered and all the digital resources will be accessible universally. Any government document or certificate can be accessible easily.
  4. E-governance
  5. Digitalization of health sector
  6. IT Jobs
  7. Digital Infrastructure
  8. To Empower Gram Panchayats
  9. Information for all
  10. Electronic Kranti

The campaign has been supported and appreciated by people all around the globe.