Improving the Chhattisgarh Urban Transport System : US Visit main agenda

On his US visit, Urban Administration and Development department Minister, Shri Amar Agrawal had a very important meeting with Mrs. Carolyn Flowers (Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Transport, Unites States of America) in Southern California Association of Goverments in the city of Los Angeles, United States of America.

Following are the key points on which the discussion took place;

  1. Cooperation between India and America in the field of Urban Transport
  2. Structure of Governance of Urban Transport in America
  3. Development of dedicated corridors for pedestrians, bicycles and Bus Rapid Systems
  4. Provisions to reduce pollution and improvement of air quality
  5. Promotion of transit oriented development

During the meeting, Shri Agrawal directed the Principal Secretary, Urban Administration to prepare a project report related to the development of dedicated corridor by widening the Raipur Airport road for the free movement of cycles, buses and cars. In the meeting, he also took detailed information regarding the action taken by the US for the Air Quality improvements. During his address, he talked about the Chhattisgarh Government’s engagement on the issue of development of pollution free public transport system in the cities of State of Chhattisgarh.

Importantly the key people present in the meeting were Shri R P Mandal – Principal Secretary, Urban Administration; Mr. Stephen Fox, Senior Manger Transportation and Mr. Philip Law, Manager (Transit/Rail).